Saturday, November 23, 2013

So after referring to our little miracle for um quite some time as a HE we have found out that was not quite the plan God had. So instead of Aiden we now have a GRACIE! Yep our little miracle is a GIRL! We were shocked I will be honest but we bounced back quickly and we are thankful for this sweet little girl that is fixing to turn our lives upside down. As a mommy that sews and loves all things girly I am rather excited and looking forward to a daddy who KNOWS she will have him wrapped around her finger from the day he is born he is also excited. Chad was even more happy when he realized that just because she is a girl doesn't mean she can't hunt, fish, play ball or any of those other things. I was a tom boy to some degree and I have no doubt she will be as well. You can be a little of it all and be good it...That will be our little Country-Princess.,,,,Gracie Frances Evans!  
So now that we know what we are having its time to start looking at paint, clothes, patters for sewing, material, furniture and ect...In January we have one baby shower, February we have a shower and our Wedding and either the end of march or first of April she will be here. There is much to do after the first of the year. My mom is coming up after the shower in January since its in Florida and she is going to stay for a while help me with some things and be here for the babies birth. I am frantically searching for ideas for the nursery and I think I have found some good ones.  I am thinking Country-Princess with butterfly's, bling, pink, and some princess and of course Pink Camo....:0) 
I will have some pictures by tomorrow that you can look at....ideas are welcomed for sure! 
That's it for now....

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