Friday, November 15, 2013

Good afternoon everyone! Fixing to head out of here and go to AL to see family but wanted to update really quick. Went to the doctor today I am 20 weeks and 4 days. Baby is doing awesome!! Very active and busy but my midwife was thrilled about that and said that it makes her feel better to see a baby busy and active with a strong heart beat. So I was very pleased to know that....I worry ya'll I try not too but boy do I! I am staying right at the weight I have and that made her happy as well. We did get to see the baby on the sonogram and he was too cute. His little legs were pulled up, he waved to me, yawned and kept putting his hands on his face as if to say LEAVE ME ALONE! LOL  He was also sucking his thumb...made this mama smile and tear up a tad. Next wed. is the BIG DAY will it be a BOY or will it be a GIRL! We will see! I know this is short I will be back home Sunday night and I have some thing to blog about until than everyone have a great weekend and be safe! 
love to all, 

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