Saturday, November 23, 2013

So after referring to our little miracle for um quite some time as a HE we have found out that was not quite the plan God had. So instead of Aiden we now have a GRACIE! Yep our little miracle is a GIRL! We were shocked I will be honest but we bounced back quickly and we are thankful for this sweet little girl that is fixing to turn our lives upside down. As a mommy that sews and loves all things girly I am rather excited and looking forward to a daddy who KNOWS she will have him wrapped around her finger from the day he is born he is also excited. Chad was even more happy when he realized that just because she is a girl doesn't mean she can't hunt, fish, play ball or any of those other things. I was a tom boy to some degree and I have no doubt she will be as well. You can be a little of it all and be good it...That will be our little Country-Princess.,,,,Gracie Frances Evans!  
So now that we know what we are having its time to start looking at paint, clothes, patters for sewing, material, furniture and ect...In January we have one baby shower, February we have a shower and our Wedding and either the end of march or first of April she will be here. There is much to do after the first of the year. My mom is coming up after the shower in January since its in Florida and she is going to stay for a while help me with some things and be here for the babies birth. I am frantically searching for ideas for the nursery and I think I have found some good ones.  I am thinking Country-Princess with butterfly's, bling, pink, and some princess and of course Pink Camo....:0) 
I will have some pictures by tomorrow that you can look at....ideas are welcomed for sure! 
That's it for now....

Friday, November 15, 2013

Good afternoon everyone! Fixing to head out of here and go to AL to see family but wanted to update really quick. Went to the doctor today I am 20 weeks and 4 days. Baby is doing awesome!! Very active and busy but my midwife was thrilled about that and said that it makes her feel better to see a baby busy and active with a strong heart beat. So I was very pleased to know that....I worry ya'll I try not too but boy do I! I am staying right at the weight I have and that made her happy as well. We did get to see the baby on the sonogram and he was too cute. His little legs were pulled up, he waved to me, yawned and kept putting his hands on his face as if to say LEAVE ME ALONE! LOL  He was also sucking his thumb...made this mama smile and tear up a tad. Next wed. is the BIG DAY will it be a BOY or will it be a GIRL! We will see! I know this is short I will be back home Sunday night and I have some thing to blog about until than everyone have a great weekend and be safe! 
love to all, 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

After taking a much needed break from blogging to figure out some things in my life and to get settled back in Georgia where I feel I belong I am finally ready to share what all has been going on in my life. God has blessed me immeasurably and I have so much to look forward to. This blog will share all my struggles of being a first time mom and what all craziness happens while preparing for that day to get here. I am not so crazy as to think it will all be a bed of roses but no matter what in all of it I will be thankful because I truly never thought I would be blessed to be marrying this amazing man I am going to marry and to be able to become a mom as well. We don't always understand God's plan but we have to believe he always knows best. 
Till next time!